Night Golf – enjoy summer in Gurgaon

Playing golf in this heat would be a definite ‘no’ for most players but it doesn’t apply to those in the Millennium City. For golf enthusiasts here, it’s just about switching from day to ‘night golf to enjoy their favorite sport and avoid the scorching heat.

For others, night golf helps them unwind after a hectic day at work. There are others for whom it’s an ideal nighttime get-together with family and friends while enjoying the putt.

To make golfing in hottest of summer months a pleasurable experience in the city is the DLF Golf & Country Club, which holds the distinction of being the only course in the country to offer 18-hole of day/night golf.

The course is open year-round, but the summer months are more popular when it comes to night golf.

During winter, playing golf in the day is very nice but Delhi-NCR has summer for eight months in a year. Considering this, night golf is a pleasurable experience for many in Gurgaon city.

Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo)

Night Golf – enjoy summer in Gurgaon
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