Gurgaon Health Dept gears up to fight dengue, malaria

Gurgaon district health department has set the ball rolling to fight vector borne diseases ahead of the monsoons. Many cases of malaria have been reported in Gurgaon in the month of May.

According to officials, awareness drives have already been scheduled for the first half of June.

“We have put up 35 hoardings to spread awareness about dengue and malaria across the city. We will launch the first phase of the awareness drive on June 6. More campaigns have been planned June 13 onwards,” said an official.

Several hoardings are on display in Gurgaon at Rajiv Chowk, Iffco Chowk and Sushant Lok, among others.

Moreover, with monsoons in the offing, the rise in the humidity levels will also lead to a spurt in cases of dengue.

Prevent spread of Malaria, Dengue & Chikungunya fever by

* Ensuring that your children wear full sleeved clothes and cover their legs for protection against mosquito bites

* Using mosquito nets at home

* Preventing mosquito entry by keeping doors & windows closed and installing anti- mosquito screens.

* Using mosquito repellent cream on skin during both day and night at mosquito infested sites

* Changing water once weekly in flower vases and drain trays of potted plants

* Preventing indoor or outdoor water stagnation even in smallest of containers

* Not storing water in open containers and covering all water containers with lids

* Scrubbing and cleaning margins of containers used for storing water

* Ensuring regular cleaning of water tanks

* Storing old drums or barrels upside down to prevent water accumulation

*  Covering the septic water tank that collects waste from your office/residence fully with a lid and have no gaps between the slabs

* Getting your overhead cement tank, garden cement tank, underground sump and ornamental fountain cleaned

* Cleaning & thoroughly scrubbing the water coolers that are one of the major sources of mosquito breeders(Aedes) once a week

Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo)

Gurgaon Health Dept gears up to fight dengue, malaria
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