CCTV surveillance in Gurgaon

From Saturday, the city’s prominent IFFCO Chowk will be under CCTV surveillance. Following an attack on a policeman on duty, and recurring incidents of commuters being robbed, the Gurgaon police have installed the CCTV cameras at IFFCO Chowk.

Alok Mittal, Commissioner of Police (Gurgaon), said: “Earlier, only commercial buildings had CCTV cameras. It was about time we installed these cameras in public places. So we chose IFFCO Chowk as our first point of operation. Eight cameras have been installed at IFFCO Chowk, four on each side of the flyover.”

Alok Mittal, Commissioner of Police (Gurgaon), said the next point of installation would be
– Shankar Chowk, followed by
– Rajiv Chowk,
– South City Chowk,
– Mahavir Chowk and the
– Mehrauli-Gurgaon border.

Later, CCTV cameras would be installed outside every Metro station in Gurgaon.

The purpose of installing CCTV cameras, police said, was to record untoward incidents and traffic violations, which could be used to aid police investigation.

Police said all future installations in Gurgaon will have cameras with better resolution and zoom option.

“In the next 20 days, we will check how the cameras function and see if there are any issues that need to be addressed,” Alok Mittal, Commissioner of Police (Gurgaon), said.

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CCTV surveillance in Gurgaon
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